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2022-23 Goals

Help us reach our goals! Please donate to the department of your choice, or just to the booster in general to provide our students with the tools and resources they need to learn and grow as artists.

  • The arts are more than a class, they are a PROGRAM & a COMMUNITY

  • Many students spend 25% of their high school class experience in the arts

  • WCPSS contribution is about $3,000 per year (Approx. $1/student)

  • Music & Scripts must be purchased by copy/per student

  • Costumes and chorus closets are needed to support everyone despite income

  • Additional expenses exist as we BUILD these relatively new programs

Visual Arts: $5,000

Clay Drying Rack: $900

Clay Artist in Residence Jeanette Stevens: $1,000

3-D Printer: $1,000

Canon Pixma Pro 200 Printer & Ink: $800

Art supplies: $1,300

Theatre: $8,000

Lumber & paint for sets: $2,800
Costume closet: $2,500
Script stock: $3,000

Dance: $8,000

Additional Ballet Barres: $1,600

Tumbling Mats: $2,000

Costumes & Closet Shelving: $2,550

Master Classes: $1,000

Bosu Balls: $300

Floor Fans: $550

Chorus: $5,000

Create a foundational choral library: $2,500
Create closet of extra chorus dresses & suits: $3,000

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