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Our Board

President: Melissa Ockert
Parent Liaisons:

  • Chorus: Amy Georges

  • Dance: Jessica Staponkus

  • Theatre: Carissa White & Melissa Ockert

  • Visual Arts: Shilpy Saggi

Membership & Volunteers: Heather McCollum & Meg Leddy

Vice President: Melanie Mueller
Fundraising, Donations, and Sponsorship: Rebecca Sabre
Student Recognition and Celebration: Hemalatha Krishnaswamy

Treasurer: Michele Dixon
Coordinator/Assistant Treasurer: Jim and Erin Surmacewicz

Secretary: Jessica Staponkus
Concessions: Michele & Thomas Dixon
Social Media/Webmaster/Graphics: Melissa Craig

Meet Our Teachers

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

These are the teachers who teachers who inspire and nurture creativity in our Green Level High School Students, serving every day to help these students acquire technical skills and also develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities that extend far beyond the realm of art.  Each of these dedicated educators plays a pivotal role in shaping well-rounded individuals who enrich our community and our society.

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